tagged ash tree at Acadia National Park
Tagged ash tree in Sieur de Monts, Acadia National Park (photo by Judy Hazen Connery)

Tree Tagging

Many experts believe that ash trees in North America (Fraxinus sp.) will go the way of the mighty elm, as millions of ash trees across the continent are falling victim to the emerald ash borer. Having been discovered in Maine in 2018, all the state's ash trees are at risk - in the forests, and in the landscape... 434 million!

Most people have no idea how many ash trees are in their community, and therefore have no idea of what is at risk. That is why we are organizing ash tree tagging events throughout the state. Organizers have found that after a tree tagging event, people are often surprised at the number of ash trees in their community and have a better appreciation for how important ash trees are to the landscape.

The tagging event involves attaching informational cards to ash trees with purple ribbon. Ideal locations are those that are heavily visited, like:

  • town parks, commons, or recreation fields
  • street trees
  • forested recreation areas, like trailheads, campgrounds, picnic areas


Steps To Get Started

  • Contact the DACF (800-367-0223) and say you are interested in an ash tree tagging event for your community.
  • You and your neighbors will be connected with local forestry staff and FPOSP Volunteers.
  • The volunteer group will be trained on ash tree identification, EAB identification, and how to conduct the tagging event.
  • We will work with you to engage the local media to publicize the event.
  • Follow up with your local forestry staff to formulate an ash management strategy.

For more information on conducting or assisting with an ash tree tagging event in your community, contact Jan Santerre, (207) 287-4987 or Karen Coluzzi, (207) 557-3090

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