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058                   BUREAU OF FORESTRY


Summary: This regulation sets forth the quarantined townships in which it is illegal to possess, transport or sell Ribes plants which cause the spread of the White Pine Blister Rust Disease, and prohibits the planting or possession of European black. currant anywhere within the State.

1.         Ribes plants

A.  The sale, transportation, further planting or possession of plants of the genus Ribes (commonly known as currant and gooseberry plants, including cultivated wild, or ornamental sorts) is hereby prohibited in the following Counties and Towns in the State of Maine, to wit: York, Cumberland, Androscoggin, Kennebec, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, Waldo and Hancock Counties; and that part of Oxford County south of Parmachenee T5R5 and Oxbow T4R5 (Both W.B.K.P.); also that part of Franklin County south of Seven Ponds T3R5, Alder Stream T2R5, and Jim Pond T1R5 (all W.B.K.P.); also that part of Somerset County south of Flaggstaff T4R4, T3R4, south and east of Pierce Pond T2R4, east of Lower Enchanted T2R5, south of Johnson Mt. T2R6, Misery T2R7, Sapling T1R7 (all B.K.P.W.K.R); also that part of Piscataquis County south of Big Squaw T2R6 (B.K.P.E.K.R.), TA2 R13 & R14 (W.E.L.S.), west and south of Bowdoin College Grant West TA R10, south of Bowdoin College Grant East T7 R10, (both N.W.P.), TB R11 and TB R10 (Both W.E.L.S.); also that part of Penobscot County south of Long A TA R8 & R9, TA R7, east of East Millinocket, and south of T1 R6 (All W.E.L.S.); also that part of Aroostook County south of T1 R5 and North Yarmouth Academy Grant T1 R4 (Both W.E.L.S.); and also that part of Washington County west of T6 (N.D.), T43, T37, T31, north and west of T24, west of T18 (all M.D), west of Columbia (S.D.), north of Harrington, and north and west of Milbridge.

B.   The planting or possession of European black currant, Ribes nigrum or its varieties anywhere within the boundaries of the State of Maine is prohibited.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  Title 12 MRSA § 8305 and Title 5 MRSA § 8051


            December 28, 1979


            May 4, 1996


            February 23, 2000 - converted to MS Word

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