The Bureau of General Services (“BGS”) provides consolidated management and coordinated oversight for a range of property, procurement, risk management and central services to meet the operational needs of State programs and services. BGS pursues cost-effective operations in its own activities and in the operations of other departments and agencies.  BGS’s enabling or authorizing laws can be found in 5 MRSA, Chapters 152 through 156, and Federal Management Regulations Title 41, Part 102-37. 

BGS is comprised of eight functional divisions.  The Director’s office and Division of Special Projects coordinate research, policy and reporting, inter-divisional and inter-agency initiatives; various statutory stakeholder groups; public improvement projects and expenditures as authorized by the Legislature; energy procurement and market monitoring; Legislative and constituent matters; asbestos, lead and indoor air quality assessment and mitigation services for public schools and state facilities; and a variety of other special projects.

BGS’s divisions include:

  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DIVISION (PMD) PMD provides operation, maintenance and building control services to 73 state-owned structures located on 5 campuses totaling over 2.2 million square feet. PMD also maintains approximately 150 acres of grounds and several monuments in the Capital area.
  • PLANNING, DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION DIVISION (PDCD) PDCD is responsible for the planning, design and construction administration of all of the State's public improvements and public school projects. PDCD also assists in developing long range public improvement programs for all agencies of State Government.
  • DIVISION OF LEASED SPACE (LS) Leased Space locates, negotiates and holds all real property leases required by all Departments and agencies to ensure those leases are to the best economic advantage of the State. The current portfolio includes over 220 leases for more than 1.6 million square feet, with an annual cost of more than $22.4 million.
  • DIVISION OF PURCHASES (DOP) Purchases has one primary purpose - to directly purchase or review/approve agency purchases of goods and services supporting the needs of State government.  The Division of Purchases ensures that these purchasing transactions are made on a "best value" basis, ensuring both quality and cost effectiveness, and that the transactions are made in a fair, open and competitive manner. 
  • DIVISION OF CENTRAL FLEET MANAGEMENT (CFM) Central Fleet Management was established to procure, distribute, and dispose of passenger and light truck vehicles cost-effectively by consolidating State government vehicle use through a single agency. Today, CFM manages over 2,100 vehicles for employees on official State business.
      • Postal Services: The State Postal Center provides a wide range of mail services for more than 160 State agencies, including interoffice mail. The Postal Center handles over 11 million pieces of outgoing mail and over 9 million pieces of incoming mail annually.
      • Surplus Property: The Surplus Property Division disposes of state surplus property that is no longer needed by the department that purchased it.  The Division conducts daily sales, property offered for bid, periodic public sales and public auctions.  Federal surplus property also is obtained for donation to qualifying state, public or non-profit organizations throughout Maine.

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