This page showcases a sampling of projects under the Bureau’s authority.

  • 109 Capitol #2
  • 109 Capitol
  • Greenlaw Building
  • Doctors' House Demolition
  • Energy Upgrade
  • Fan Installation
  • DDPC Oil Tank Replace, Bangor
  • Nash School 2
  • Nash School
  • Deering Building Renovation 3
  • Deering Building Renovation 2
  • Deering Building Renovation
  • Deering Building, Augusta
Project Name Project Location Project Information   Date  Point of Contact
Ray Building Renovation East Campus, 28 Tyson Drive, Augusta Complete building renovation in preparation for occupancy by the Department of Environmental Protection. 2019-ongoing Jill Instasi
Department of Education Planning Charrette Augusta Conduct a planning charrette to determine space needs for the Department of Education. 2019 Marsha Alexander
19 Union Street Renovation 19 Union Street, Augusta      
221 State Street Building Assessment State Street, Augusta Building assessment to determine utilization of the building for temporary occupancy. 2019-closed Marsha Alexander
Kennebec Arsenal Seawall Repairs and Vegetation Removal East Campus, Augusta Remove overgrown vegetation and repair the stone wall. 2019-ongoing Jan Lareau
Blaine House Solar Installation State Street, Augusta Installation of solar panels to reduce power consumption at the property.


John Blais
MCJA Parking Lot Repairs & Building Assessment MCJA, Vassalboro Building assessment and parking lot repairs. 2019 Jill Instasi
East Campus Wellness Center Roof Assessment East Campus, Augusta Roofing assessment to determine repair or replacement. 2019 Jill Instasi
CSOB Building Envelope Condition Assessment and Energy Analysis Burton M. Cross Office Building, Sewall Street, Augusta Energy analysis and assessment of the exterior of the office building. 2019-ongoing Jill Instasi
DDPC Roofing Assessments Dorothea Dix Campus, Hogan Road, Bangor Roofing assessment to determine the repair or replacement of several roofs on the campus. 2019-ongoing John Blais
Cultural Building Renovation State Street, Augusta Renovation of the Cultural Building, including remediation, mechanical upgrades, building envelope repair, and roof replacement. 2019-ongoing Jill Instasi
Energy Infrastructure Improvements East and West Campus To address the East and West Campus's central heat plants and specifically how they should be reconfigured for maximum long-term efficiency.  2019-ongoing Jill Instasi
Center Building Storage Renovation

67 Independence Drive, Augusta

Renovation of a portion of the 1st floor of the building for storage.

2018-ongoing Jill Instasi & John Blais
DDPC and ELC Site Improvements Dorothea Dix Campus and Elizabeth Levinson Center, Hogan Road, Bangor

Paving project to include upgrades of parking areas and entrances.

2018-Closed John Blais
DDPC Stormwater Services Dorothea Dix Campus, Hogan Road, Bangor Development of a comprehensive stormwater management plan. 2018-Closed John Blais
Bangor H Building Roof Renovation Dorothea Dix Campus Hogan Road, Bangor New roof 

2018 Closed

John Blais
"Maine" Building Renovation Planning Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Massachusetts Development of an RFQ to obtain cost estimates and repair timeline for improvement of building ventilation and structural analysis and to provide on-site refrigeration.  2018 -ongoing John Blais
"Doctor's Houses" Demolition East Campus, Arsenal Street and Independence Drive The demolition of four former residences located on the East Campus that sat vacant for quite some time.  2018 Closed Jill Instasi
Hospital Street Facility Evaluation Hospital Street, Augusta Master Plan for Maine State Police buildings on Hospital Street campus. 2018 Closed Joe Ostwald
Capitol Complex Parking Master Plan West Campus, Augusta Analysis of the impact of parking on the West Campus. 2018 Closed Joe Ostwald
Nash School Chimney Restoration and Roof Renovation West Campus, 103 Sewall Street, Augusta Restoration of the chimney, structural upgrades, and new roof. 2018 Closed Marsha Alexander & Joe Ostwald
OCME Roof Replacement Hospital Street, Augusta Replace the standing seam metal roof with EPDM and new EPDM on remaining roofs at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner's Building. 2018 - On Hold Joe Ostwald
Building Demolition 77 Capitol Street Demolishment of non-essential  2018 Closed Jill Instasi
Mechanical Building Renovation East Campus, 54 Independence Drive, Augusta Full depth building rehabilitation. 2017 Closed David Schoenherr
BREM Standards N/A Design standards will be used for all state-owned and leased buildings fro cost savings, standardization, and overall ease of operation and maintenance. 2017 - ongoing Jill Instasi
Greenlaw Building Renovation East Campus, 47 Independence Drive, Augusta Full depth building rehabilitation to consolidate multiple state laboratories. 2017- 2020 David Schoenherr & John Blais
Maine Correctional Center Warren New construction at the correctional facility.   David Schoenherr & Joe Ostwald
DHHS New Office Building 109 Capitol Street, Augusta Consolidation of several Department of Health & Human Service's divisions into one newly constructed leased building.   2017- 2019 Bill Leet & Todd Cummings
Deering Building Renovation East Campus, 90 Blossom Lane, Augusta Complete building renovation in preparation for occupancy by the Department of Education and Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. 2016-ongoing David Schoenherr & John Blais
East Campus Infrastructure Improvements East Campus Augusta Rehabilitation of existing road infrastructure and expanded parking lots and sidewalks. 2016- ongoing Jill Instasi