Facility Maintenance

The Division of Property Management (DPM) consists of seven service area: Building Control Center, carpentry, painting and windows, electrical, grounds, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing (HVAC), housekeeping, and the lock shop.

The administrative office of DPM manages the budget and execution of all operations, maintenance and repairs to all state-owned facilities under DPM’s purview. This includes:

  • Payments of all monthly utility bills and invoices;
  • Drafts, updates and maintains the Burton M. Cross Office Building’s evacuation plan and policy manual;
  • Completes annual presentation to state agencies;
  • Assists with space management in state facilities;
  • Executes and monitors by building the pest management contract and reports;
  • Advertises, awards, executes and manages the contracts for snow removal, solid waste removal, recycling, elevator maintenance and fire suppression;
  • Tracks all expenditures by trade and/or building for trend analysis; and
  • Tracks all electric, fuel, water, sewer and other utilities to provide an accurate account of consumption per building/complex.