Security Management and Maintenance

The Building Control Center (BCC) provides safety, security, and efficiency by operating a complex integrated building management system for all state-owned and leased facilities statewide, which includes all associated parking areas:  Systems include management of the following areas; building, digital, video, energy, and life safety.  This group is responsible for advertising, awarding, executing, and managing statewide contracts for security and life safety.

The BCC is a 24/7/365 operating call center that dispatches for trades and police. The BCC also administers a work order system, maintains a key tracking system, and a mass notification system.  All BCC technicians are trained to operate autonomously and provide vital support in a variety of situations.

This support is available to all agencies and can be requested by email or telephone: or (207) 287-4154.

Lock Shop

The Lock Shop provides facility-level lock and door hardware services which includes locksets, exit devices, door closers, and Power Assisted Door Operators for ADA compliance.  Support for electrified hardware that directly relates to the physical security of the facility is also included.  Complete master key system services including issuance of keys, record keeping, and combination changes are exclusively managed by the Lock Shop.  Most furniture locks are not maintained by the Lock Shop.