Public Improvement Procurement

The State of Maine public improvement projects are governed under Maine Revised Statute, Title 5, Chapter 153.  Public improvement is the term used for capital projects consisting of work that is distinct from maintenance and operations projects.  Under statute, public improvement is defined as “the construction, major alteration or repair of buildings or public works now owned or leased or constructed, acquired or leased by the State or any department, officer, board, commission or agency of the State, or constructed, acquired or leased, in whole or in part with state funds and including the construction, major alteration or  repair of school buildings, in excess of $25,000, by any school administrative unit and for which state school construction aid is to be paid, except that sections 1743 (Public improvement construction contracts) and 1745 (Advertisement for sealed proposals; bonds) are not applicable to construction, major alteration or repair of school buildings."

The Bureau of General Services, Division of Planning, Design & Construction (DPDC), guides state agencies with the development and coordination of these public improvement projects, including assistance with the procurement process.

Procurements needed for these projects include Architectural, Engineering, and Construction services. The procurement process for the projects must comply with statute, rule and policy in a systematic approach for acquiring the best specialized service providers for the planning, design, and construction of the projects.  The Bureau’s standard protocols and forms ensure a transparent, fair, consistent, and accountable outcome for each procurement.