Property Management

The Division of Property Management’s (DPM) mission is to provide safe and proper operations of 62 state-owned buildings located in Augusta, Hallowell, and Vassalboro, including parking areas.  The Division is charged with performing maintenance items such as grounds work, custodial, boiler, electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, lock shop and automated building environmental control/security system services for the buildings.  The Division is also responsible for executing contracts for services, maintenance, and repair.

All requests for service work in state-owned facilities are initiated through DPM.  An email to (building.control@maine.gov) or a telephone call (207-287-4154) to the Building Control Center will ensure your request is received, forwarded to the correct shop for execution, and tracked through completion.  You will receive an email informing you that your request has been processed and again when it is complete.

Planning, Design & Construction

The Division of Planning, Design & Construction (DPDC) is responsible for the capital improvement planning for facilities, architectural and engineering design procurement and approval of design agreements, bidding of public improvement projects, and construction administration of all the State's public improvements and public-school projects.

DPDC manages the procurement process for architect and engineer agreements, conducts the bidding for construction services, and monitors construction projects. The division also develops overall long range public improvement programs for all agencies of State government.

The duties for which this office is responsible are found primarily under Title 5, §1742 of the Maine State Statutes:

  • Approving legal advertisements
  • Monitoring and facilitating the interview process
  • Providing and revising contract forms as needed
  • Reviewing and approving Owner Consultant Services agreements
  • Reviewing scope of services documents
  • Reviewing additional services agreements
  • Negotiating disputes between owner and consultant or contractor
  • Providing a resource for consultant or contractor complaints
  • Reviewing and approving construction plans and specifications
  • Reviewing and approving construction contracts
  • Advising on change orders
  • Visiting sites under construction and advising the owner as appropriate

Professional (A/E) Services Prequalification Application - Prequalification Vendor List

Project Approval Application (PAA) - Public Improvement Project 

Leased Space

The Leased Space Division is authorized by statute at 5 M.R.S. §1742 (19-A) to locate, negotiate, and manage all real property leases required by departments and agencies of State Government.  Under 5 M.R.S. §1742-D, the Division is charged with working with all departments and agencies in locating real property leases to ensure that agency program requirements are met to the maximum extent possible.  The same statute establishes the Lease Internal Service Fund Account, which funds the program.   

The Division manages leases for food service in state office buildings under authority of 5 M.R.S. §1742 (17). 

In addition, in 2020 space management functions were merged into the Division.  BGS is charged “to assign rooms in all buildings used by the State for offices” in a way that optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the State work force.  5 M.R.S. §1742 (18).

Link to Agency request for leased space  

Link to Landlord/Broker proposal for leased space   

State-owned Landfill Management

The Bureau of General Services, office of State-owned Landfill Management, has authority, to own, design, develop or operate, or contract with private parties to operate, solid waste disposal facility as provided in Title 38, chapter 24, subchapter 4; and [PL 2017, c. 284, Pt. P, §2 (AMD)].

The purpose of State-owned solid waste disposal facilities is to ensure that adequate disposal capacity is available for the disposal of solid waste generated with the State of Maine through the development of new disposal capacity for anticipate state disposal capacity needs and the operations of existing facilities to address current state disposal capacity needs.

Currently, the State of Maine owns three landfills, Carpenter Ridge (currently licensed and undeveloped), Juniper Ridge (active), and Dolby (under closure). Each of these landfills is monitored to ensure compliance with regulations and maintained to protect the surrounding environment. The office of State-owned Landfill Management works in collaboration with the communities, contracted vendors, Department of Environmental Protection, and other stakeholders.