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The Division of Leased Space

The Leased Space unit works closely with State Government agencies, including the Legislative and Judicial Branches, in locating real property leases and ensuring program space demands are met to the maximum extent possible. Because of the Division’s extensive relationships with landlords and “global” perspective about properties throughout the state, it is able to provide expertise in securing quality and cost-competitive space in all geographic areas.

The leased space program evaluates agency facility requirements, monitors real estate market rent and operating cost characteristics, and locates, negotiates and manages lease contracts to achieve the best value to the State of Maine. The Division is currently administering 269 active leases for office, warehouse, garage, storage, tower and training purposes—in the service of 37 state agencies, and across 68 different municipalities and 5 unorganized territories. The Division’s leasing portfolio includes 1,748,398 sq. ft. of leased space (excluding towers and associated access roads and rights of way) with a combined approximate value of $19.8M/yr.

It is the program’s vision to foster productive landlord/tenant relationships while securing space that best serves agency needs. The Leased Space unit procures leased space through competitive bidding when space is initially secured, selecting the space that is the best value to the State, taking into consideration the needs of the agency and of the public. If the space continues to be suitable for the agency and the public, options to renew are frequently exercised or if there is no option to renew, the lease may be extended if favorable terms are reached. In seeking the best value for the State of Maine, the Division takes into consideration varying factors such as life-cycle cost, delivery date and quality, in addition to price.

  • Major Functions & Responsibilities
  • Serve as the central point of contact for facility leasing in State Government.
  • Stay current on facility needs for all agencies and on available properties in all geographic regions of the state.
  • Maintain knowledge of market prices to ensure that state agencies receive the best possible rates for leased space.
  • Established Priorities
  • Reduce the square foot cost of leased space statewide by maintaining knowledge of real estate markets and an understanding of the trends that drive lease costs in various geographic areas.
  • Monitor leases that are nearing expiration to co-locate State agencies with similar missions and reduce overhead expenses and provide a continuity of service to Maine citizens. (Example: Maine Community College System co-locating with Maine Department of Labor.)
  • Continue to provide excellent customer service to the agencies and entities they work with.
  • Focus on reduction of State of Maine office footprints by utilizing space in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Locate energy efficient office space and encourage all landlords to connect with Efficiency Maine for energy upgrades.

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