Planning and Design Services

When a construction project is first conceptualized, the life cycle of that project starts with the first two crucial phases which are planning and design. The Division of Planning, Design & Construction (DPDC) staff work closely with agencies and the Professionals procured for the project to ensure successful outcomes.

There are two methods of procurement for professional, architectural and engineering services for public improvements. Both are based on professional competency and qualifications.  The standard is a Request for Qualifications, or RFQ.  This method is a solicitation-screening-interview-negotiate-award-approval process. The second method, State statute permits for a single source procurement of architects and engineers where the fee does not exceed $25,000.  Only those professionals who qualify and are placed on the Professional Services Prequalification List may be chosen by State agencies to negotiate an agreement for those projects.  The use of the list is not required. State agencies may elect to publish a project-specific RFQ and interview many firms, however, many agencies prefer the abbreviated procurement time line possible when the List is used.

Where the projected fees for professional services do not exceed $25,000, Agencies can make a selection using the Professional Services Prequalification List. Only the following disciplines are eligible for a single source procurement through the Bureau's Division of Planning, Design & Construction process: Architectural, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Environmental engineering, Fire alarm system design, Landscape architectural, Mechanical Engineering, Sprinkler system design, and Structural engineering.