Long-Term Capital Plan

Long-term capital planning is essential in State government for prioritization, cost projections, and sustainability.  Along with coordinating and providing services regarding Public Improvement Projects, the Bureau of General Services staff also conduct facility condition assessments that provide an analysis of the State’s property by completing a comprehensive process using a reporting tool that assesses the condition of the structure, environment, and infrastructure supporting the property.  This process helps the Bureau determine how to maintain facilities at a common level while meeting agency missions and/or if any property should remain in the State’s portfolio.

The Bureau’s staff will work closely with agency personnel to document not only the property’s physical condition through an inspection of the property, but also to determine if the property supports the agency’s diverse missions.  The tool provides an overall building score with supported narrative documentation gathered from agency personnel interviews, observations, utility data, occupancy rate, and pertinent historical information of the property.

The assessment report aids the Bureau to make purposeful driven and cost-effective recommendations on properly identifying what projects should be funded, at what level, and estimated project timelines. Various factors can and do impact the priority of projects and/or property acquisition or sales based upon: location, overall structure, air quality, energy and cost savings, safety and security, and expansion of customer service capabilities.

It is vital that the Bureau continue to use strategic and dynamic approaches for preserving and enhancing Maine’s real property.

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