Fishing Derbies

The Department is resuming the issuance of bass tournament and fishing derby permits, which were temporarily suspended due to public health concerns related to the pandemic.  New operational guidelines will be incorporated as conditions of permit issuance.

Upcoming Open Water and Ice Fishing Derbies

Date(s) Sponsor/Contact Information Water/Town/Weigh-In
August 7-9, 2020 Sponsor: Fort Kent International Muskie

Contact: Dennis Cyr

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Fish River, Beau Lake, Cross Lake, Glazier Lake, Saint Francis River, Allagash River, Little and Big Black Rivers, Depot Stream, Baker Lake and Little Saint John Lake

Weigh-in: Fort Kent

Total Cash Prize Amount: $8500.00
August 15, 2020 Sponsor: Balch Lake Maine

Contact: Steve Moscaritolo

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Balch Pond/ West Newfield

Weigh-in: n/a

Total Cash Prize Amount: None
August 1-30 2020 Sponsor: Special Olympics Maine

Contact: Mike Littlefield

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
All Legal waters Statewide

Weigh-in: Virtual Weigh in

Total Cash Prize Amount: $1000.00
September 12 & 13 2020 Sponsor: Sebago Lake Anglers Association

Contact: Robert Chapin

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Sebago Lake/ Casco, Naples, Standish, Windham, and Raymond

Weigh-in: Point Sebago Resort

Total Cash Prize Amount: $2485.00
September 19, 2020 Sponsor: Standish Fish and Game Club

Contact: James Fickett Jr.

Bodies of Water(s)/Town:
Sebago Lake/ Standish, Sebago, Naples, Raymond, Casco, and Windham

Weigh-in: Standish Town Hall

Total Cash Prize Amount: $2750.00