Police Professional Liability

The State of Maine's Department of Public Safety sworn officers are empowered with certain special authorities which are used in the performance of their jobs. With those authorities also come certain unique risks that require specialized insurance. The Risk Management Division issues a Police Professional Liability Policy for all sworn officers of the Department to address these unique needs. This self insurance policy addresses claims made by others against sworn officers of the State of Maine and the Department of Public Safety for causes of action occurring in the course and scope of their jobs.

Generally, the perils this insurance policy addresses are as follows:

  • False arrest, false imprisonment or unlawful detention;
  • Assault or battery;
  • Malicious prosecution;
  • Libel; slander; defamation;
  • Improper administration of first aid, or the wrongful failure to render first aid, or wrongful failure or refusal to provide proper medical care;
  • Erroneous service of legal process;
  • Wrongful interference with rights in property; and liability for loss of, damage to or loss of use of the property of others;
  • Wrongful interference with civil rights;
  • Violation of or invasion of the right of privacy (but not arising out of advertising).

There are, of course, limitations, terms and conditions associated with this policy and claims made against these sworn officers for causes of action not listed above may be insured under the State’s tort liability policy.

This policy is intended to fulfill the requirement of the union contract between the State of Maine and the Maine State Troopers Association (State Police Unit) in which the State “agrees to continue the present level of Police Professional Liability Insurance for members of this unit during the term of this agreement” (Section 30).