Digital Literacy

EveryoneOn Campaign Launching!

On March 21st, 2013, a 3-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy will launch. The campaign is called EveryoneOnThe key message is to encourage people who are limited or non-Internet users, to learn how to do “one thing better online. Public libraries are key to the success of this effort because of their demonstrated commitment to providing free access to the Internet as well as to improving people’s skills (e.g. using a mouse, applying for jobs online, or creating email accounts). Connect2Compete, the organization leading the campaign efforts, has helpful information.

EveryoneOn Library Materials

  1. Program brief [PDF, 214 KB]: This file requires the free Adobe Reader.
    This program brief explains more about EveryoneOn and what to expect in the next few months and during the campaign.
  2. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): As questions arise, the document will be updated.
  3. Webinar recording: Discusses much of the documentation. Can be helpful as a review or as additional staff become involved.

EveryoneOn is designed to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy skills which libraries have embraced for years. This is a great opportunity to promote public libraries as a trusted and valuable provider of free public access technology and training as we strive to build stronger communities.

EveryoneOn Training Center Database

As part of the campaign, the EveryoneOn website includes a map that lets users find the nearest digital literacy training centers. By default, almost all public libraries have been included, and it is important for librarians to adjust their entries so that the database reflects accurate information on what their libraries offer. Please use the links below to find your library's entry.