e-Readers & e-Books

e-Reader Comparisons

There are so many e-readers on the market and new ones coming out every day.  It can be a bit stressful keeping track.

For e-reader comparisons take a look at:

Loaning eReaders: Policies & Agreements

 For libraries, making decisions about whether to jump into loaning eReaders and/or eBooks requires some investigation.

eReaders, CloudLibrary and ePub

Companies like CloudLibrary are now offering downloads of e-books in the ePub format so patrons can borrow eBooks.

eReaders and Accessibility

Good webinar offered by EASI (Equal Access to Software & Information) to help understand issues on e-reader accessibilit. The webinar is by Ken Petri from Ohio State University. Petri explains what is needed to provide eReader access to people with disabilities and encourages people to contact manufacturers of e-readers and ask for accessibility enhancements