Use Policy for Baxter's Mascot Costume

  1. Policy: Any member library of the Maine Regional Library System may borrow the mascot costume to use as a promotional tool at non-commercial local community events.
  2. Procedures
    1. The Library director or his/her designee must agree to the terms of this costume use policy when reserving the costume.
    2. The loan period will be for one week from the time the costume leaves the Maine State Library.
    3. The Maine State Library will be responsible for booking and storing the costume.
    4. The borrowing library is responsible for picking up and returning the costume. The van delivery system is not an option because the round drum case used to transport it measures 24” X 24” and it weighs 35 lbs.
    5. Scheduling will be done through the Maine State Library, either online or by calling 1-800-322-8899.
  3. Responsibilities of the borrowing library     
    1. To carefully consider selection of the individual (must be 16 years or older) who will wear the costume, since demeanor appropriate to represent all Maine libraries is expected.
    2. To provide and assure the presence of a handler to escort the mascot during any public appearance.
    3. To arrange for the safe return of the costume, with all its components and shipping case, to the Maine State Library [or, if previously arranged, to the next borrowing library] within one week.
    4. To refrain from attempting repairs or cleaning of the costume.
    5. To inform the Maine State Library of any damage to the costume.
    6. To pay for repair of damages to the costume which were incurred during the loan period.
    7. To complete the online Feedback form after each Baxter appearance.
  4. The Mascot "talent"
    1. The person wearing the costume, referred to as "the talent," will conduct him/herself in a manner appropriate to represent Maine Libraries.
    2. The talent must be 16 years old, or older.
    3. The mascot is non-verbal, so the talent must refrain from speaking.This is because the costume will be worn by many different people and the only way to have a uniform “voice” is for the character to maintain silence.
    4. Appropriate gestures may be used, such as nodding the head to signify "yes" or "no."
    5. No autographs will be given. Defer to the handler to explain how impossible it is to write with “paws.”
    6. Refer questions to the handler by turning to him/her.
    7. Be friendly and convey enthusiasm through appropriate gestures.
    8. Since children are likely to approach a friendly mascot, the talent needs to be mindful that a short child may be right in front of them, but below their line of vision. Caution must be exercised when stepping forward in a crowd. Rely on the handler as a guide!
  5. The Handler: The mascot must be accompanied by an adult attendant (handler) at all times. The sponsoring library is responsible for providing a handler who will carry out the following duties:
    1. Accompany the mascot at all times during public appearances.
    2. Escort and assist the mascot, as needed. For example, since the costume-wearer’s ability to navigate, see, and hear will be compromised, the handler will serve as his eyes and ears.
    3. Relay messages on behalf of the mascot. Since the mascot is a non-speaking character, the handler will serve as the mascot’s voice, as necessary. Also, signing autographs will not be practical because of the mitts, the handler will deny these requests.
    4. Assure timely rest breaks after a 15-20 minute period, as needed. This is especially important during hot weather for the safety and comfort of the talent.
    5. Assure that removal of any costume component is done out of view of the audience to preserve the integrity of the mascot character.  Escort the mascot to a private location before removal of head or any part of the costume.
    6. Assist in packing the costume back in the carrying case, assuring all components are included.
  6. Disclaimer: The Maine State Library will not be held responsible for damages or injuries incurred during the borrowing library’s use of the Mascot costume.