Taking Photos and Permission Releases

  • Note: Don’t set your camera to print the date on the photo if you plan to use for PR. This may be cropped out but you may lose part of your subject.

Tips for Taking Photos for Websites

Taking Great Pictures for Websites, About.com Guide by Jennifer Kyrnin

This web guide briefly covers use of people in photos, photos of the equipment, background in photos, and legal details.

Permission Release

More Information on types of releases

Model Release:
A model release protects your library and MSL against legal claims by the persons in the photo. "In general, model releases are needed when using pictures of people for commercial purposes, such as in ads or brochures. Editorial use (news photos, for example) does not usually require model releases although in some cases it is common courtesy to obtain permission." <https://desktoppub.about.com/od/copyrights/g/modelrelease.htm>

MSL prefers permission so we can use photos in any promotional materials we create. Maine State Library needs permissions with all close ups and any phtoo with children. If it is a large group photo, please ask for verbal permission. See examples Where You Might Not Need a Release.