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How to Get Started

Watch 3 quick narrated tutorial videos. Print out the slides and notes to use to follow along .
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See under Charts and Forms in the Library Ancestry's own words what each tool is used for.

  • Ancestral Chart: An ancestor chart records the ancestors from whom you directly descend - those for whom you intend to compile a complete and correct family unit..
  • Research Calendar: The research calendar gives an account of every record source you have searched and serves as a reminder of what you have already done and where you have found pertinent information.
  • Research Extract: Summarizes information which may be time-consuming or difficult to reread quickly.
  • Correspondence Record: Helps you keep track of those with whom you have corresponded.
  • Family Group Sheet: Enables you to compile complete, correct and connect families.
  • Source Summary: Provides quick reference to information and sources you have found for a particular family.
  • US Census Forms: Allows you to read column headings and record information from the US Census.

Posters from Maine State Library

The files below require the free Adobe Reader.

Standard posters that cannot be changed because of licensing. Photos have necessary permissions to use. Mulitple versions of some posters. Directions for the fillable PDF poster.[PDF, 40 KB]; [Word 2007, 14 KB]

Post your customized poster all over town! Use the generic posters in your own library!

  • Ancestry1a-fillable: Fillable version - Add your library contact information. [PDF, 365 KB]
  • Ancestry1b: Generic message, no customizing [PDF, 412 KB]
  • Ancestry1c: Write in your library information in available blank space. [PDF, 350 KB]
  • Ancestry2a-fillable: Fillable version - Add library contact information.[PDF, 784 KB]
  • Ancestry2b- Ready to use: Generic message, no customizing [PDF, 766 KB]
  • Ancestry2c: Write in your library information in available blank space.[PDF, 763 KB]
  • Ancestry3 - Generic message, no customizing [PDF, 2.29 MB] - Large file because the whole poster is a photo!

From ProQuest for Promotional Purposes