Mascot Costume Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who may use the costume?
Any library that is a member of the Maine Regional Library System may borrow the mascot costume.
2. How may the costume be used?
The mascot may appear at any non-commercial event in your library or town as a visual identification and ambassador for Maine libraries.
3. Who may wear the costume?
The costume fits most average-size people from 5'5" to 5'10". Policy requires the person who wears the costume to be age 16 or older.
4. Does the mascot talk?
No, the mascot is a non-speaking character. The best talent choice would be a lively person who likes people and is able to communicate nonverbally through friendly gestures and body language.
5. How long should the costume be worn at any one time?
The costume designers recommend a maximum of 20 minutes. Even though cooling devices are built into the costume, the the person who wears the costum will benefit from occasional breaks.
6. What else should I know?
For safety reasons the mascot must be accompanied at all times by a handler.
7. How do I reserve the costume?
Reservation requests may be submitted either online at or by phone: 1-800-322-8899.
8. How long may I keep the costume?
Two days before and two days after the reservation date will be built into each booking, allowing time for a trial run before the event and time to return the costume after the event. Please note: Failure to return the costume on time may result in a fine to cover costs related to expediting its return.
9. Who is responsible for picking up and returning the costume to the Maine State Library?
The borrower is expected to make every effort to arrange pick-up of the costume from the Maine State Library, or from the last library to borrow it. If this is not possible, the Maine State Library will ship the costume. Returning the costume to the Maine State Library is the responsibility of the borrowing library. Please note: the van delivery system may NOT be used because of the size of the costume container. Reminder: Failure to return the costume on time may result in a fine to recover costs related to expediting its return.
10. How big is the container?
The drum case container is 24? x 24? and total weight with costume is 35 pounds. The case should fit in most station wagons and some car trunks, but not likely through a car door.
11. What if the costume needs cleaning or repairs?
Cleaning or repairs should NOT be attempted by anyone other than the Maine State Library.
12. Who pays for repairs?
The Maine Regional Library System will absorb costs for routine cleaning and repairs. However, in the event of serious damage, soiling, or lost costume parts, the borrowing library will be charged for the repair, cleaning, or replacement of lost parts.
13. How do I find out more about the mascot?