Baxter, The Library Cat: Mascot Photos

Publicity for the Mascot

Baxter photos to download to use on your website. Use the feedback form if you want a different size for the web or a different resolution to use for print materials. Indicate what you are looking for from the Library Development office.

Check out all the Baxter pictures (look for the set labelled "Baxter") on Maine State Library's Flickr account, download, and edit what you wish to use yourself. Look for the photos below on Flickr (link above) as TIFF format for print resolution and 300dpi. All pictures except the ones with MSL staff have Commoncraft licensing. Those photos with MSL staff are restricted.


To download, right clic then save to your desktop or folder of your choice

Baxter shown at 150 x 197 px, 10 KB

Baxter waving, 150 x 269 px, 14 KB

Baxter reading on couch, 150 x 225 px, 16 KB

Close-up Baxter reading, 150 x 148 px, 11 KB