Forms & Publications

For Phone Companies

LEC/CLEC Planned and Unplanned Outage Reporting Procedure (PDF)

Multi-Line Telephone System (MLTS) Fact Sheet  March 2021 (PDF)

Surcharge Remittance Form  January 2020 (MS Excel)

Telephone Company Contact Form - online form 

Telephone Company Contact Form (PDF)

Telephone Company Contact Form (Word)

VoIP Information Request Form (RTF)

VoIP Service Provider (VSP) Readiness and Test Procedure  (PDF)

Wireless Deployment Procedure (PDF)

For Community Addressing

Emergency Service Zone Form  (PDF)

Model Addressing Ordinance (PDF)

Municipal Addressing Officer Appointment Form (PDF)


9-1-1 Addressing Guidebook (PDF)

9-1-1 Addressing Officer Maintenance Manual (PDF)

Special Reports

Report on Crisis Protocol and Policy Working Group and Draft Legislative Language Pursuant to Resolves 2021, Chapter 162 February 2023 (PDF)

Draft EMHD Legislation January 15, 2022 (PDF)

Maine Crisis Protocol Report February 2022 (PDF)

911 Protocols Stakeholder Group Report November 2019  (PDF)

Report Related to Standardized Dispatch Protocols For Police 911 Calls January 2019 (PDF)

Recommendations for Implementing Fire and Police Protocol Systems for Maine's Public Safety Answering Points  February 2012 (PDF)

Recommendations for Establishing and Maintaining a Quality Assurance Program  March 2011 (PDF)

Recommendations for Establishing and Maintaining a Quality Assurance Program Executive Summary, March 2011 (PDF)

Plan for Next Generation 9-1-1 January 2011 (PDF)

PSAP Reconfiguration Plan November 2010 (PDF)

Kimball Report - Optimum PSAP Reconfiguration Report January 2010 (PDF)

For Advisory Council

E911 Council remote participation policy March 2022 (PDF)


For PSAPs & Training

NG911 PSAP Performance Alerts and Training Videos

ALI Print Functionality March 2015 (PDF)

Background Theme Selection July 2022 (PDF)

Contact Flyout and Search Functionality September 2018 (PDF)

Contact, Speed Dial Genovation Change Process  September 2018 (PDF)

DTMF Tone Detection for Silent Call Processing August 2016 (PDF)

EAP Password Resets Augusta 2021 (PDF)

Google Street View February 2021 (PDF)

Google Translate May 2019 (PDF)

Google Translate WebEx May 2019 (MP4)

Location Discrepancy and Misroute Reporting September 2022 (PDF)

NG911 Systems Sign In Sign Out November 2020 (PDF)

NG911 Systems Log In December 2020 (MP4)

NG911 Systems Log Out December 2020 (MP4)

Outbound Text Functionality September 2018 (PDF)

QA In Service Training  September 2022 (Weblink-MP4)

QA In Service Training March 2022 (Weblink-MP4)

QA Review Training March 2020 (MP4)

RapidSOS PSAP Training July 2020 (MP4)

Selective Transfer Agency (STA) Transfer Button September 2018 (PDF)

Single Sign-on Password Change March 2021 (PDF) *updated*

Smart Pad - DTMF July 2019 (PDF)

Text Call Back May 2019 (PDF)

Text from 911 - Outbound April 2021

Text to 911 October 2018 (PDF)

TTY Welcome Message September 2018 (PDF)

Map Application Practice

Map Practice Scenarios & Answer Key April 2015 (MS Word)

Other Resources

PSAP - New Hire Form July 2022 (Word)

PSAP  - Termination Form November 2020 (Word)

Dispatch Only Center - New Hire Form July 2022 (Word)

Dispatch Only Center - Termination Form November 2020 (Word)

ESCB Training Enrollment Roster 2018

ESCB Training Form December 2019 (PDF)

PSAP Call Transfer Policy  November 2018 (RTF)