Database Maintenance

Below is information for LECs and CLECs (carriers) on provisioning customer records to the 9-1-1 database.

Accessing the Database Management System

Access to the Database Management System (DBMS) is a web-based interface called WebDBMS provided by 911Datamaster which allows telephone companies to provide updates to the Maine 9-1-1 database.

As the service provider, Consolidated Communications hosts WebDBMS which allows telephone company users to manage their customer telephone numbers and associated Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) records. 

For database support, contact Consolidated Communications at the Database Management Support Center (DBMC) at 1-866-984-1610 or e-mail at .

Address Verification & MSAG Availability

The 9-1-1 database is maintained by the carriers providing daily service order updates.  Carriers are also requested to MSAG validate addresses as part of their service order process so as to ensure a successful transfer to the 9-1-1 system.  Daily MSAG Deltas and a full weekly MSAG are provided within WebDBMS to all users with permissions. To request a specific MSAG extract, please contact Consolidated Communications by email at

If an address does not validate, the carrier should first contact the designated municipal Addressing Officer. Use the link below to find the name and phone number of a community's addressing officer.

Search for an Addressing Officer

MSAG problems should be directed to the ESCB GIS office at 1-800-665-2830 or e-mail at

Database Error Resolution and Reporting

ALI Discrepancies reported by PSAPs will be submitted to each carrier on a daily basis via Maine WebDBMS.  ALI discrepancies should be researched and corrected in WebDBMS within 3 business days.  Follow-up communication should be sent back to Consolidated Communications noting final resolution.

If a 9-1-1 call is placed and no telephone record is found, a No Record Found (NRF) will be sent to the carrier via email.  Resolution will be handled by the carriers working with Consolidated Communications.  NRF errors should be corrected in WebDBMS within 3 business days.