The Bureau is responsible for minimum mandatory staff training requirements for 9-1-1 call answering and dispatch. Students must be employed by a Maine Emergency Dispatch Agency to be enrolled.  Training is not open to outside enrollment.

Mandatory PSAP Call Taker Certification Curriculum

The Bureau offers a comprehensive certification program for PSAP call takers at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy six times per year. Courses are taken consecutively.

Quality Assurance Reviewer Training

The Bureau offers consecutive day trainings for individuals needing certification as a Quality Assurance Reviewer. The ED-Q Universal Day and AQUA Software Training are mandatory for both single discipline and multi-discipline students.

  • ED-Q Universal Day--8 hours
  • EFD-Q--8 hours
  • EMD-Q--8 hours
  • AQUA Software Training--8 hours

Additionally, the Bureau offers QA Review twice annually.

Mandatory Dispatcher Training for Dispatch Only Center Employees

Individuals employed full-time at public safety dispatch centers that are not PSAPs are required to take the Emergency Telecommunicator Certification. Other training may be required depending on the services offered by the dispatch center such as Emergency Medical Dispatch or Emergency Fire Dispatch.

Continuing Education

The Bureau frequently sponsors training courses for continuing education as do outside agencies.  To find current offerings or to submit a class to be added to the schedule, visit the online Training Schedule.