Addressing Officer Responsibilities

Appointing an Addressing Officer

Administrative rules adopted by the Bureau require each municipality and plantation to appoint an Addressing Officer. This person is responsible for approving and providing address information to the Bureau, local phone companies, and the 9-1-1 service provider. County Commissioners with Unorganized territories should also designate an Addressing Officer.

Addressing Officer Appointment Form

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Addressing Officer Responsibilities

The Bureau published, The Enhanced 9-1-1 Addressing Officer Manual, that outlines many of the responsibilities of the Addressing Officer.

Ideally, the Addressing Officer should be familiar with town processes and be available during the day. In most communities, this position assigns new addresses, maintains the emergency road network, and resolves database discrepancies identified by the State of Maine 9-1-1 system. In order for the system to work optimally, the data must be complete, accurate and maintained.