Posting Your Address

While NG9-1-1 speeds up the dispatch of emergency services, delays may happen if responders can't find you. Below are guidelines for posting your address:

  • First, remove any old numbers from the structure and mailbox.
  • Always place your number on the structure.
  • Post your number on both sides of the mailbox.
  • If the number on the structure is not visible from the road and the mailbox is not next to the driveway, place a post with the number at the driveway's entrance.
  • If the mailbox is located at the end of a private road, post the number and the road name on both sides of the box. This limits potential confusion caused by numbers that appear out of sequence.

Additional tips

  • Posted numbers should be high enough so that snow does not cover them.
  • Numbers on structures should be a minimum of 4 inches high and a contrasting color.
  • Reflective materials improve visibility.
  • Put driving directions next to each telephone for easy reference.