E911 Advisory Council

The Emergency Services Communication Bureau receives advice and assistance from a 17-member advisory council representing a broad spectrum of public safety and public policy interests. The nomination processes and appointments are provided under 25 MRSA Sec. 2925.


Name Title/Role
Lt. Kevin Chabot Chief of Police Association Representative
Vacant County Commissioner's Representative
Terry L. Morrell Deaf and Hard of Hearing Representative
Vacant Dispatch Association Representative
Jason Oko EMS Representative
Gregory Desjardin Large Telco Representative
Brodie Hinkley Maine Department of Public Safety
Scott Nichols Maine Sherriff's Association Representative
B. Michael Thurlow Municipal Fire Department Representative
Stephan M. Bunker Municipal Representative
Michael Johnson Public Utilities Commission Representative
Steven H. Mallory Public-at-Large Representative
Vacant Public-at-Large Representative
Vacant Public-at-Large Representative
Vacant Small Telco Representative
William Gillespie Volunteer Fire Department Representative
Vacant Wireless/PCS Representative