Using 9-1-1


Here in Maine, 9-1-1 is available from traditional wire line phones, cell phones, VoIP, and all payphones.

Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency--when police, fire, or medical services are needed right away in order to save a life, report a fire or stop a crime.

How to you use 9-1-1

  • Dial the numbers 911 from a safe place.
  • Wait for a calltaker to answer
  • State the emergency.
  • The calltaker will confirm your name, address and phone number.
  • Remain calm, speak clearly and follow any instructions.
  • Stay on the line until the calltaker says to hang up.

From a traditional wire line phone, 9-1-1 automatically displays the caller's address and telephone number at the emergency call center. This allows call takers to quickly send emergency services, avoiding delays that could endanger a person's life or property.

Location of cellular phone callers is provided in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates. Please be patient and answer the calltakers questions needed to confirm your location.