Looking For Areas To Hunt? Check Out The Sebasticook Woodlands WMA and the Carlton Stream WMA

ArraySeptember 7, 2016 at 4:33 pm

EQM_2693_WEBBy Keel Kemper, IFW Wildlife Biologist As a regional wildlife biologist one of the most common questions that we address this time of year is “I am not a landowner so where is there a place for me to hunt”?  As posting of land has become more prevalent the sense that some sportsmen get is that there is no longer any good place left to hunt.  Oh contraire! The MDIFW wildlife management area properties located throughout the state provide superior hunting opportunities and are open for all to enjoy. While the state has 60 WMA’s that encompass tens of thousands of acres, the article will focus on our two latest acquisitions in central Maine. In the town of Burnham, the newly named “Sebasticook Woodlands WMA”, a sub-unit of the Plymouth Bog WMA is a 1063 acre parcel that contains a mixture of forest types typical of central Maine, with an abundance of forested wetlands. The property contains an extensive system of unimproved roads and trails. To get to this WMA begin at the junction of the Troy Road and the Mount Road in Burnham. Continue 3.9 miles north on the Mount Road until you encounter an unimproved dirt road on the right. A parking lot has been constructed on the left, a very short distance down this road. The upland portions of the WMA provide excellent deer hunting opportunity as well as upland bird hunting covers. Permission to hunt is not required however in order to erect a tree stand or place a game camera, contact the wildlife biologist at the Sidney Regional office for permission. No ATV trails have been established or are planned for this WMA. In the Town of Detroit the newly named Carlton Stream WMA, a sub unit of the Plymouth Bog WMA is a 1000+ acre site that is similar in habitat types to the aforementioned Sebasticook Woodlands WMA. In order to access this property you must travel north on Rt. 220, 2.7 miles from the Detroit / Troy town line. At phone pole #21 there is an unimproved dirt road on the right that access a newly constructed parking lot approximately 250 feet down this unimproved road. Habitat types at this property will make for excellent deer and bear hunting as well as upland bird hunting. ATV use will be allowed on the main access road. Again, no permission is required to access the property for hunting, however in order to erect a tree stand, place a game camera or establish a bait site permission must be obtain from the wildlife biologist through the Sidney regional office. EQM_2641_WEBPurchase of both of these properties was completed in December of 2015 when funds from the Lands for Maine’s future were released. Once the funds were available, these properties became the first properties to be acquired with the newly released bond funds. The boundary lines have been well established and marked and WMA signs have been erected adjacent to the parking areas. So if you looking for some great habitat and hunting haunts feel free to check out these two new central Maine gems, the newest properties to be added to the portfolio of great properties managed exclusively for wildlife by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.