Welcome to the HERON Blog!

December 14, 2009 at 11:47 am

We are very excited to launch our very own blog dedicated to the Heron Observation Network! This blog will be your portal to the colonial wading bird world of Maine! Colonial wading birds include herons (great blue, little blue, and tricolored), egrets (snowy, great, and cattle), night-herons (black-crowned), and ibis (glossy) that nest in groups, or colonies. This past year, we started a volunteer adopt-a-colony program called the Heron Observation Network, or HERON for short. With the help of volunteers we are continuously increasing our knowledge of where colonial waders are nesting, in what numbers, and how successful they are each year. This blog is our opportunity to give back to our volunteers and the general public by providing them information relevant to colonial waders, and an opportunity for them to share their "wader-watching" experiences.