Exploring Our School's Very Own Heronry

On October 9th, our Environmental Studies class at Nokomis Regional High was fortunate enough to have wildlife biologist, Danielle D’Auria, come to our class and talk to us about the Great Blue Heron nests that are located on our school grounds. We took a trip to the Heron Rookery right on our school property, where we were able to tag and measure 33 nesting trees and identify 39 heron nests.

Nature’s Beauty Inspires Linda Panzera’s Photographs and her Generosity to Maine’s Wildlife

[caption id="attachment_1309" align="alignleft" width="225"] HERON volunteer, Linda Panzera, with camera in hand while observing a great blue heron colony.[/caption] One of the best aspects about running a citizen science program such as the Heron Observati

HERON Volunteer View: Great Blue Herons Caught on Video

Photo by Deb DuttonJune is when nestlings appear in most great blue heron colonies in Maine.  In Maine,

HERON Volunteer View: FOOD FIGHT

[caption id="attachment_662" align="alignleft" width="239" caption="An adult great blue heron arrives ready to feed its nestlings.