The nature of the project with regard to the Arts

Here we examine writing, literature, theater, and music. Questions related to the Arts, English, Environmentalism and History

  1. Can you imitate the way a heron walks?
  2. Can you pretend you are a heron? Show the class?
  3. Write about the year in a heron's life.
  4. Imagine you are a heron and write about it.
  5. Tell the story of a heron in a play or dance.
  6. What sort of call does a heron make? Can you imitate this? Could you use an instrument or instruments to imitate a heron call?
  7. What value do cranes and storks have in certain Asian cultures? Name these cultures and countries.
  8. How do different cultures value nature?
  9. Do animals have spirit? What have various authors written about this subject?
  10. What is environmentalism? What is Environmental Science?
  11. Who was Aldo Leopold? Read "A Sand County Almanac" and write a book report.
  12. Who was John Muir? Describe his life and his writings.
  13. Who was Theodore Roosevelt? How did he influence the environmental movement in the United States?
  14. Who is Henry David Thoreau? How did he influence the environmental movement?
  15. Who is Rachel Carson? How did she influence the environmental movement?
  16. What influence do environmental writers have on herons? How does their influence work?