Child and Family Services

The Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) supports Maine's children and their families by providing Children's Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Early Intervention & Prevention Services, and Operations.

Service Areas of the Office of Child and Family Service:

Children's Behavioral HealthServices - Children's Behavioral Health services focus on behavioral health treatment and services for children from birth up to their 21st birthday. Services include providing information and assistance with referrals for children and youth with developmental disabilities/delays, intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and mental health disorders.

Child Welfare - seeks safety, well-being and permanent homes for children, working with professionalism and respecting the dignity of all families. Child abuse reports are investigated on behalf of Maine communities, working to keep children safe and to guide families in creating safe homes for children. 

Early Intervention & Prevention Services - OCFS early intervention and prevention services seek to promote the health, well-being and safety of children and families by reducing the risk and effect of adverse childhood experiences (such as neglect, trauma, or exposure to violence). Administering best practice services that create a community of caring for intergenerational members focused on increasing protective factors such as health, education, safety promotion, social connections and family strengthening supports.

Operations - The Operations unit performs a variety of functions that assist OCFS managers, supervisors, and staff in managing their performance, as well as programs that assist the children and families we serve. Our mission is to provide quality services in the areas of administration, finance, contracting, quality improvement, and information services to all OCFS programs. We achieve this by being efficient, effective, and customer service focused. 

We appreciate the need for information from OCFS. In order to best serve all who make requests of the OCFS Information Service Unit we now ask for completion of either the OCFS Data Request Form for Child Welfare or Child Care Subsidy information or for Children’s Behavioral Health information the CBHS Data Request Form.

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