Substance Use Disorder Recovery Supports

Substance Use Disorder Transportation

Adults with serious mental illness may be eligible for transportation funding to places connected with goals in their individual treatment plan through the DHHS Office of MaineCare Services (OMS).

Community and Peer Recovery Support Services

OBH recognizes the vital role that community-based and peer supports play in assisting people with behavioral health issues to live independently, maintaining sobriety for those struggling with SUD and OUD, and reducing stigma. These programs provide recovery support, socialization, life skills development, vocational rehabilitation, and more in a welcoming environment, and are a crucial layer in Maine’s behavioral health support system, especially in communities where access to traditional programs and providers are limited.

OBH ensures that Mainers have access to the powerful experience of community and peer support by providing training, technical assistance, and grants to, and contracting with, local organizations providing direct support to those in recovery.

Maine Recovery Hub

The Maine Recovery Hub supports nine state-funded recovery community organizations that provide peer support services in their communities.

Recovery Community Centers

Recovery Community Centers build on community connections to provide support and reduce stigma for those in recovery for substance use disorder. As part of this program, OBH also contracted with Points North Recovery, a multimedia production agency, to produce a film featuring Maine people and their recovery stories, provide public screenings, and conduct community conversations about substance use disorder across the state.

Recovery Coaches

Recovery coaches are typically those who have personal experience with substance use disorder and are trained to provide peer support to others on their own recovery journey. OBH facilitates access to high-quality, ethical recovery coaching services statewide by funding and providing technical assistance for recovery coach training programs and supporting recovery coach coordinators.