OBH continually seeks input and comment from community stakeholders to guide OBH in preparing Maine’s applications to SAMHSA. Maine’s current block grant applications are posted below as a reference to review previous plans, to comment and recommend changes going forward in new applications.

Mental Health Block Grant and Related Documents

As the SSA for mental health, OBH administers Maine’s Mental Health Block Grant (MHBH) in collaboration with the Office of Child and Family Services. The MHBG funds comprehensive, community mental health services for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance. The Quality Improvement Council services as Maine’s Mental Health Planning Council for the MHBG, ensuring collaboration among key state agencies and consumer input into mental health services. Maine’s Early Intervention MHBG set aside is used to fund Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) through the PIER program and CSC training and implementation support.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant and Related Projects

As the SSA for substance use, OBH administers Maine’s SAPTBG. The objective of the SAPTBG is to help plan, implement, and evaluate activities that prevent and treat substance abuse. The SAPTBG program targets pregnant people and parents with dependent children; intravenous drug users; tuberculosis services; early intervention services for HIV/AIDS; and primary prevention services. Maine’s prevention set aside is managed by Maine CDC’s Prevention Program.

Maine Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) Grant

The State is required to provide public notice to allow interested parties to review the proposed use of PATH funds including any subsequent revisions to the application. Please use the comment section on this website to provide feedback on the proposed use of PATH funds for the current fiscal year.

Other Mental Health and Substance Use Grant Projects

Stimulant and Opioid Response (SOR2)

SOR2 addresses the opioid crisis by increasing access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using the three FDA-approved medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder. This program also supports evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery support services to address stimulant misuse and use disorders, including for cocaine and methamphetamine.

Maine’s First Responders-Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (FR-CARA)

FR-CARA partners with law enforcement to embed substance use disorder (SUD) clinicians to provide early intervention and navigation services through referrals and direct contacts with individuals known to have drug and alcohol addiction. With the FR-CARA funding, Maine hopes to increase Medicaid enrollment of these persons with SUD, reduce overdoses and substance-use related deaths, and alleviate compassion fatigue experienced by emergency responders.

FEMA/SAMHSA Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)

CCP funds support StrengthenME, Maine’s mental wellbeing and resilience response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overdose Data to Action (OD2A)

OD2A supports the collection of high quality, comprehensive, and timely data on nonfatal and fatal overdoses and in using those data to inform prevention and response efforts. OD2A focuses on understanding and tracking the complex and changing nature of the drug overdose epidemic and highlights the need for seamless integration of data into prevention strategies.