Prescription Monitoring Program

The Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a secure database that is used across the State of Maine to improve public health by providing controlled substance drug use information prior to prescribing or dispensing those drugs. The PMP is a key part of the State of Maine’s Opioid Abuse strategy by decreasing the amount and frequency of opioid and controlled substances prescribing. To view more regulatory and statutory information, please see Chapter 11 Rule (Word).

Please visit the Maine Data Hub for data and reports about substance use disorder in Maine or email PMPM for other PMP related data requests.

Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)


  • 207-287-2595, Option 2
  • TTY: Maine Relay 711
  • Fax: 207-287-4334
  • Email:

How does the Maine PMP work?

Step 1. Prescription dispensers upload data to Maine PMP
Who submits the data?

  • Maine pharmacies
  • Mail-service pharmacies
  • Remote-dispensing pharmacies
  • Other dispensers, including dispensing physicians and veterinarians

Step 2. Maine PMP securely stores the data
How is the data kept safe?

  • Data is stored in a secure, encrypted database
  • Data is stored by dispensing record, not by patient, prescriber, or pharmacy
  • Data is only accessed by permission for treatment and patient safety

Step 3. Authorized professionals securely access the data
Who can use the data?

  • Licensed prescribers: Physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, veterinarians, and dispensers
  • Delegates of licensed prescribers

Please consult the ME PMP AWARxE Role Definitions.

Creating Your Account
Each ME PMP AWARxE user must register and create an account within ME PMP AWARxE Please navigate to External site disclaimer to start the registration process, for any registration assistance please reference the ME PMP AWARxE User Guide (PDF) 03/01/2021. Please review the Flow chart for direction on when to check the PMP.

Technical Assistance
PMP AWARxE Technical Support: (Support hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

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