OBH Rules

All DHHS rules posted on or after January 5, 2023 are available on the DHHS Rulemaking page.

14 118

Ch. 1 (Word): Rules Governing Grants and Purchase of Service Agreements

Ch. 2 (Word): Driver Education and Evaluation Programs Procedure Manual

Ch. 3 (Word): Request for Proposal Policies

Ch. 5 (Word): Regulations for Licensing and Certifying of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Ch. 6 (Word): Regulations for Employee Assistance Programs for Employers Operating in the State of Maine

Ch. 11 (Word): Rules Governing the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program and Prescription of Opioid Medications

Ch. 19 (Word): Rules Governing Community-Based Overdose Prevention Programs

14 191

Ch. 1 (Word): Establishment and Functioning of Human Rights Committees

Ch. 2 (Word): Disclosure of Mental Health / Retardation Information to Division of Child and Family Services

Ch. 4 (Word): Disclosure of HIV Test Results for Treatment / Care of Persons Tested

Ch. 8 (Word): Rules for Facilities Providing Adult Day Programs (Chapter 8 is a Joint Rule 12-152, Department of Labor, Ch. 20)

Ch. 40 (Word): Requirements for Funding Services

14 193

Ch. 1 (Word): Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services

Ch. 4 (Word): Rules for Board Representation at Community Mental Health Programs

Ch. 6 (Word): Licensing of Mental Health Facilities

Ch. 6A (Word): Licensing of Mental Health Facilities: PNMI

Ch. 7 (Word): Rules Governing the Disclosure of Information Pertaining to Mentally Disables Clients

Ch. 40 (Word): Review of Requests for Specialized Out-of-State Mental Health Treatment for Adults

All DHHS Rules can be found on the Secretary of State site.