Grievance Process

This is a guide to the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services Grievance Process. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the process and to file a grievance if you believe that your rights have been violated.

The best way to protect your rights is to know what they are. At the end of the guide you will find a list of your basic rights and information about getting a copy of the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services (RRMHS). There is also a list of agencies you can contact for more information about your rights and the grievance process.

For help with understanding the grievance process, contact Mae L’Heureux, (207) 287-4255.

Where to get help filing a Grievance?

The Grievance Process can be confusing, but there is help available. There are advocates who can either represent you or provide you with information. Advocates have experience helping people protect their rights. They understand the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services and the Grievance Process.

There are several agencies that provide advocacy services and/or information:

  • The Disability Rights Center
  • 24 Stone Street
  • Augusta, ME 04330-2007
  • 1-800-452-1948 (v/tty) for clients/families (In state only)
  • 1-207-626-2774 (v/tty)
  • (The Disability Rights Center has advocates at The Riverview Psychiatric Center and the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center)
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • 52 Water Street
  • Hallowell, Maine 04347
  • (207) 622-5767 or 1-800-464-5767
  • Maine Equal Justice Partners
  • 126 Sewall St.
  • Augusta ME 04330
  • (207) 626-7058
  • 1- 866- 626-7059
  • Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Office of Behavioral Health
  • 11 State House Station - 41 Anthony Avenue
  • Augusta, ME 04333-0011
  • (207) 287-2595 (Ask to speak to the Grievance Coordinator)
  • TTY Users: Dial 711 (Maine Relay)

Each of these agencies will either provide you with assistance or information or direct you to an agency that can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.