File a Complaint

Individuals wishing to file a complaint of regulatory non-compliance against a facility, agency, or center should submit our online complaint form.

Please complete the online form to file a complaint about a facility, agency, or center that is licensed by the Division of Licensing & Certification (DLC) or subject to the Division's oversight under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) certification.

DLC can only investigate facilities, agencies, or centers subject to our jurisdiction. DLC will review all material submitted consistent with Chapter 5 (Complaint Procedures) of the CMS State Operations Manual and applicable State policies.

The focus of any investigation is to determine whether the facility, agency, or center is not in compliance with licensing rules and applicable CMS Conditions of Participation.

If the focus of your complaint is in regards to the actions of a licensed individual (Physician, Nurse, Therapist, etc.) you should contact the respective licensing board or agency accordingly.  This Division is responsible for investigating complaints regarding the conditions at a facility, agency, center, and unlicensed personnel working at these facilities.

File a Complaint Online


If you are unable to file an online report, please use one of the following options:

Option 1:  Email

Option 2:  Fax 207-287-9307

Option 3:  Mail

 Division of Licensing and Certification
 Attn:  Complaint Intake
 11 State House Station
 41 Anthony Avenue
 Augusta, Maine 04333

Option 4:  Telephone

 All Telephone: 207-287-9308; 1-800-383-2441
 Home Health & Hospice agencies only: 207-287-9302; 1-800-621-8222

Please include the following information in any correspondence:

  • Your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Please note this information will not be released to the facility, agency, or center and assists us in getting additional information, if needed;
  • Name and address of the facility, agency, or center;
  • Details of your concerns including the date and time of the incident;
  • If the resident/patient involved is at the facility, agency, or center currently;
  • If anyone else was involved in the incident;
  • If there were any witnesses;
  • If you have spoken to the Administrator, Manager, or any staff of the facility, agency, or center;
  • If the facility, agency, or center has tried to address the situation;
  • If law enforcement is involved;
  • If this same thing has happened before to the same individual or others