Safety & Reporting

File a Complaint

If you would like to file a complaint regarding the conditions at a facility or agency and unlicensed personnel working at facilities, please use this form.

File a Vaccine Eligibility Site Complaint

Individuals wishing to file a complaint of potential vaccine administration non-compliance relating to the COVID-19 vaccine guidance may report those details using this form.

Sentinel Events

Maine Law requires hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, end stage renal disease facilities and intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities to report certain serious event to DHHS. Learn more about Sentinel Event reporting.

Report a Medical Facility Incident

If you need to a report regarding an incident at a medical facility or agency, please use this form.

Maine Background Check Center

The Maine Background Check Center assists providers with performing registry checks and processing background checks for applicants in an efficient and effective manner. Learn more about the Background Check Center.