Mental Health Recovery Support Services & Treatment

Mental Health Team Overview

The Office of Behavioral Health within DHHS is responsible for providing leadership and active partnership in Maine’s comprehensive system of supports to communities and individuals with mental health conditions across the prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery system and across the life span. The mental health team is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and oversite contracts, data, and quality improvement / management of operation both at OBH and among community provider agencies related to the contracted services offered by the Department. In addition, staff assist in developing and implementing statewide policies, procedures, and plans to ensure cost-effective, quality, client-centered public mental health services are provided within the region and State, including meeting the requirements stipulated in the AMHI Consent Decree Settlement Agreement.

Services contract breakdown

Assertive Community Treatment (A.C.T.): A.C.T. is the most intensive community-based mental health service offered in Maine. The service is available 24/7 and consists of a multi-disciplinary team including case managers, R.N.s, clinicians, employment specialists, psychiatry, substance use counselors, and certified peer support specialists. The service is provided to members primarily in the community, and members are seen multiple times a week.

Community Integration (CI): Case management services provided to individuals with a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness. The service includes the assessment of an individual’s needs and developing an individual service plan to identify goals the personal wishes to work on. In addition, the case manager supports the individual in identifying, coordinating referrals, and advocating for the individual’s medical, residential, educational, vocational, emotional, and other related needs. 

Community Rehabilitation Service (C.R.S.): Community Rehabilitation services combine Community Integration and Daily Living Support Services. Individuals learn the necessary skills for living in the community independently. Individuals receiving Community Rehabilitation Services develop an individual service plan consisting of goals specific to the skills the personal wishes to learn. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff are at their worksite 12 hours a day and are on call the other 12 hours. Individuals receive a minimum of 1 face-to-face contact with one of their workers per day 7 days per week.

Daily Living Support Services (DLSS): DLSS provides therapeutic support to assist members in learning, developing, and maintaining daily living skills. DLSS supports members with maintaining a high level of independence. Methods of support include but are not limited to modeling, cueing, and coaching. The services do not include activities of socialization, recreation, or housekeeping services.

Medication Management: OBH medication management providers offer medication management services to individuals with serve mental illnesses. Medication management consists of psychiatric evaluation, psychoeducation, prescriptions, administration, and monitoring of medications.

Veteran Community Integration Services

Military veterans who are not currently eligible to receive Community Integration Services through MaineCare reimbursement are eligible to obtain access to assessment and evaluation for community services from OBH Qualifying veterans must:

  • Receive a mental health diagnosis or mental health disability rating from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; or
  • Be a veteran who is not enrolled with the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs who is determined to require mental health care services by a licensed mental health professional and is uninsured and not eligible for MaineCare coverage.


Wrap is a discretionary grant-funded service that may be available to meet the urgent needs of adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) that cannot be met through the regular systems of care. Individuals who meet the Eligibility for Care requirements as stated in 10-144 C.M.R. ch. 101, ch. 2, § 17.02 may access these funds to alleviate hardship brought about by the economic disadvantages inherent with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness and to address emergency existing unmet needs. To apply for Wrap, contact the Wrap agency that lists the county you reside in. In addition, any individual and/or with help from their case manager can apply for Wrap funds if they are Section 17 eligible.

Wrap Agencies (07/05/2023)

Agency Address Contact Contact Numbers Email Counties Covered
Aroostook Mental Health Center 43 Hatch Drive
PO Box 1018
Caribou, Maine 04736
Christine Brown
Terry Guerrette
FAX 207-492-3181
Community Health and Counseling Referral Center
P.O. Box 425
Bangor, Maine 04402
Tracy Goodridge 207-947-0366
DIRECT LINE 207-922-4704
FAX 207-942-0683 Penobscot
AngleZ Behavioral Health Services   841 Riverside Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
Mary Hendricks Fax and Phone Number ( 844) 294-5306 Kennebec
Sweetser is no longer the Wrap administrator and is not accepting Wrap applications.

Wrap funding is not available at this time as DHHS/Office of Behavioral Health continues to search for another provider.
        Brunswick area,
The Opportunity Alliance has utilized their FY24 Wrap contract funding due to higher-than-normal Wrap applications that met criteria for emergent/urgent funding requests.
Effective, December 28, 2023, TOA will no longer be accepting Wrap applications.
        Portland area, Cumberland, Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford 
Maine Behavioral Healthcare PO Box 1773
Saco, Maine 04072
Joanne Scharping 207-490-8431
FAX 207- 282-2581 York


DHHS/Office of Behavioral Health  Address Contact Contact Numbers Counties Covered
Cynthia McPherson
DHHS/Office of Behavioral Health Wrap Contract Program Manager
41 Anthony Ave 
#11 SHS,
Augusta, Maine 04333
Cynthia McPherson 207-287-2595 
FAX 207-287-9152

Community Dental Services

The purpose of this Agreement is to provide General Dentistry Services to adults who experience serious mental illness and adults who have cognitive and physical disabilities or autism.  All new service recipients will be referred to the Provider by the Department and must meet eligibility criteria and are prioritized based by Department. Funds can be requested through any of the currently contracted WRAP agencies.

Housing: (Section 97 PNMI Appendix E)

Members of the Mental Health Team also oversees the residential PNMI Appendix E programs throughout the State. (A Private Non-Medical Institution (PNMI) is defined as an agency or facility that is not, as a matter of regular business, a health insuring organization, hospital, nursing home, or a community health care center. PMNI programs provide food, shelter, personal care, and treatment services to four or more residents in single or multiple facilities or scattered-site facilities.  Staff oversees all aspects of eligibility, including referral, placement, and termination approvals for all individuals requesting ore residing in a PMNI.  While monitoring contract compliance, utilization reviews, provider consultation, training and TA to assure all placement into a PMNI are as successful s possible.   

Employment Support

OBH funds Supported Employment and Education services for adults with mental illness with employment specialists embedded in behavioral health settings in Portland and Lewiston.

Recovery Support Services