Maine Oil Recycling Program

The Maine Oil Recycling Program (MORP) was initiated to promote better management of used oil being disposed of by the homeowner. Also known as the Do it Yourself (DYI) oil changer. This is a program that lists businesses that have volunteered to act as used oil collection sites in their communities. (Updated June 2013) MORP directory (pdf format)

When you change your oil, you may bring it to one of these locations during regular business hours or at times listed by the owner/operator. The Department strongly recommends you call these sites prior to bring used oil for deposit.

Remember the owner/operators are voluntarily providing these sites as a service to the community so please respect them by:

  • Not leaving unattended containers of used oil or other liquids at the collection area. Bring used oil for deposit during operating hours only.
  • Deposit used oil only! Never deposit gas/oil mixtures or mix other waste fluids such as antifreeze or other liquid wastes with your used oil.

Maine Oil Recycling Program Application Form - to be addend to the MORP directory fill out the form

Used Oil Collection Center Registration Program

This is a voluntary program established by the Department with the help of the League of Woman Voters to increase the number of used oil collection sites in Maine. The fear of unknowingly accepting hazardous waste and the associated costs for disposal is one of the main reasons owners/operators are unwilling to be listed in the MORP directory or to accept used oil from the general public. This registration program offers the owner/operator of a properly registered used oil collection center meeting the requirements of link to 38 MRSA Section 1319-Y protection from the costs for disposal of used oil inadvertently contaminated with a hazardous waste. The Commissioner shall reimburse the owner operator for the costs incurred in the removal or abatement of up to 660 gallons of hazardous waste from the collection center provided the Commissioner has not grant any reimbursement to the center during the previous twelve (12) months.

If you are interested in becoming a registered used oil collection center fill out the used oil collection center registration form (word format) (pdf format) and send it to:

Jamie Hoover
Division of Oil and Hazardous Waste facilities Regulation
Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
17 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0017

For more information on the Departments waste oil management rules or voluntary collection programs contact Jamie Hoover at 207-287-7688.