Waste Oil


This page has been established to help inform the regulated community and the public of the Department's Waste Oil Management Rules and programs available to help enhance waste oil collection in Maine.

What is Waste Oil?


For more information on the Department's waste oil management rules or voluntary collection programs contact Jamie Hoover or Dan Wehr at 207-287-7688.


38 MRSA § 1319-G (3A-C)
38 MRSA § 1319-O (2 A,B)
38 MRSA § 1319-X
38MRSA §1319-Y
(1-3) Used Oil Collection Centers


Chapter 860


Application for a Waste Oil Transporter License (pdf format)

Commercial Facility - Waste Oil Storage Facility Application (pdf format)

MORP Directory Application - If you would like to be listed in the MORP Directory, please fill out the application form

Registration Form for Used Oil Collection Centers Pursuant to 38 M.R.S.A. Section 1319-Y (pdf format)

Additional Information

Active Hazardous Waste and Waste Oil Transporters List (pdf format)

Fees and Timelines

Information Sheet - Used Oil Collections Centers - issued June 1996

Registered Used Oil (Waste Oil) Collection Provisions

Used Oil Collection Center Best Management Practices

Maine Oil Recycling Program - (includes the MORP Directory)

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DEP Homeowner Information