Maine Climate Council

The Maine Climate Council launched on September 26, 2019.

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Maine Climate Hub

A centralized climate directory providing decision makers and assistance providers with the resources needed to become more resilient in the face of a changing climate

People in Maine are directly connected in their daily lives with changes in our region’s climate and are taking steps to adapt and build resilience. In recognition of work at state agencies, and by active organizations in Maine and our region, DEP maintains webpages to provide a Maine-focused and centralized directory of available climate resources.

These webpages are designed to provide relevant information, and to make it readily accessible through links to sites where specific content and organizations can be reached. The goal is to assist Maine communities through individual or coordinated responses to requests. Technical questions may be best answered through practitioners that are more focused on your specific topic of interest. Contacting those organizations is recommended for assistance.

External hyperlinks are intended to provide Maine-specific information that might assist your efforts. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection of the linked web sites, or the information, products or services contained therein.

Maine Climate Hub fact sheet (pdf)

What is Climate Change?

Climate Explored

What determines the state of the Earth’s climate, and how is it studied?

What is Being Done to Reduce the Rate of Change?

Mitigation Actions

How can greenhouse gas emissions be reduced and carbon storages and sinks be increased?

Maine Adaptation Toolkit

A centralized source for information on implementing adaptation measures or strategies

What is Impacted by Climate?

Climate Trends & Data

What changes are being observing? Resources and tools to help.

What is Being Done to Build Resilience to Climate Impacts?

Adaptation Actions

How can vulnerabilities be reduced and beneficial opportunities be increased?


Resources on this webpage are selected in order of their relevance to Maine for a given topic area, beginning with best available Maine-specific resources, to those developed regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Maine Interagency Climate Adaptation Work Group (MICA)

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Looking for more information about the Climate Change Program, Climate webpages, and the Adaptation Toolkit? Please contact: Nathan Robbins (207) 592-6590