DEP Certification in Erosion Control Practices

Certification by Maine DEP in Erosion Control Practices is a voluntary certification in which individuals can demonstrate their commitment to protecting our natural resources. However, Maine law does require that any contractor working in the municipal Shoreland Zone must have an individual certified in Erosion and Sedimentation Control Practices (ESC) by Maine DEP present on the site during all phases of soil disturbance. To help contractors comply with these and other laws protecting Maine waters, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has developed a training program on understanding and using effective erosion control techniques.

Certification Process

To become certified in ESC, completion of an 8-hour training course, Basic & Advanced Erosion & Sedimentation Control Practices, is required followed by a construction site evaluation. Once achieved, this certification can be maintained by completing a minimum of 4 hours of continuing education courses within every three-year period thereafter.

Beyond the ability to work in the Shoreland Zone, becoming a DEP-Certified Contractor affords the individual or company listing as a DEP-Certified Contractor, the ability to forgo the Department’s 14-day waiting period for Stream Crossings under Permit By Rule, receive discounts on erosion control supplies, and qualify to submit erosion and sedimentation control plans under Stormwater Permit By Rule.

Re-certification Requirements

To maintain certification, individuals certified by DEP must complete four (4) hours of qualifying Continuing Education training credits every three (3) years. In-person training opportunities vary by location and season. Training events and on-line training information is available on our Training Schedule.

There is a 6-month grace period for re-certification (i.e. certifications expiring on 12/31/19 have until 6/30/2020 to submit re-certification documentation). Once the grace period has passed, individuals must go through the initial certification process to become certified again.

Companies Certified in Erosion Control Practices

A company certified in erosion control practices by the Department is one that, at a minimum, has its entire construction site supervisors individually trained and certified in erosion control practices by the DEP. The basic premise in certifying a company in this manner is to ensure that all of the company's construction sites are supervised by an individual that is certified in erosion and sediment control practices. Companies seeking certification should contact John Maclaine for specific requirements.

Certification Revocation

Under certain circumstances, certification can be revoked. Revocation is likely if a formal enforcement action is taken against a certified contractor whose failure to employ satisfactory erosion and sediment control practices results in sedimentation of waterbodies or wetlands. NOTE: Certification would not be revoked as a result of sedimentation resulting from unusual storm events, flooding or other conditions beyond the control of the contractor.

Certification Course Information

Training Schedule & Online Courses

Basic and Advanced Erosion Control Practices

Description: This course is necessary to become a Contractor Certified in Erosion and Sedimentation Control Practices by the Department. In 8-hour course, participants will learn why erosion control practices are important, be exposed to the principles of erosion and sedimentation, learn how to properly install and maintain Erosion & Sedimentation Control ('ESC') Best Management Practices (‘BMPs’), regulations requiring ESC, using the Department’s Permit By Rule process, and ESC planning. Participants are provided with information on the proper selection, installation and maintenance of ESC practices using Maine DEP’s Erosion and Sediment Control Practices Field Guide for Contractors.

The course is of primary interest to contractors but could also be helpful to municipal code enforcement officers, consultants, engineers and public works employees.

Continuing Education Courses (for re-certification)

Training Schedule & Online Courses

Courses qualifying for re-certification credit under this program are listed on our Training Schedule. For those wishing to receive re-certification, proof of attendance of a qualifying training event must be provided to the Training Center. If there is a class that is not listed on our website, credit may be obtained by providing the training organization, an outline or agenda for the class, number of hours, and a description of how the class meets the goals of continuing education under Certification in Erosion Control Practices (Please submit information prior to taking the class to ensure it qualifies). For on-line recertification courses, further instructions are provided within the training module.

These courses are designed as continuing education for individuals currently certified in erosion and sediment control practices by the Department and requires re-certification; however, these courses will be of interest to a variety of individuals. Anyone interested in increasing their knowledge is welcome to attend or view on-line training modules.