Contractors Certified in Erosion Control Practices

Contact: Bill Longfellow, phone (207) 287-2821, fax (207) 287-2814.

What it means to be a certified contractor. A certified contractor has to complete one eight-hour training course in erosion control practices that is available through the Maine Nonpoint Source Training and Resource Center or its designee. This course consists of a basic and an advanced version that provide instruction on erosion control planning and the proper installation of E&S Best Management Practices. After completion of the course, each certification candidate must have an evaluation of one of his or her construction sites completed, in order to determine if the candidate can adequately install and maintain erosion control practices. If the candidate satisfactorily meets the standards of this evaluation, he or she becomes certified for a three-year period. Recertification requires that the contractor attend at least one four-hour continuing education course related to erosion control and that he or she not be involved in an enforcement action with the DEP on an erosion related violation.

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