Site Location of Development (Site Law)

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This law requires review of developments that may have a substantial effect upon the environment. These types of development have been identified by the Legislature, and include developments such as projects occupying more than 20 acres, large structures and subdivisions, and oil terminal facilities. A permit is issued if the project meets applicable standards addressing areas such as stormwater management, groundwater protection, infrastructure, wildlife and fisheries, noise, and unusual natural areas.

The applicant for a new Site Law development is required to attend a pre-application meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for the applicant to determine the requirements that apply to the project. The meeting with licensing staff is intended to help identify issues, processing times, fees, and the types of information and documentation necessary for the DEP to properly assess the project. Pre-application meetings are available on request when they are not required.

Certain exemptions apply. The Site Law applies in organized areas for purposes of all types of development, and in unorganized areas for purposes of oil terminal facilities.

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Office numbers

  • Augusta (Central Maine Regional Office):  207-287-7688; 800-452-1942
  • Bangor (Eastern Maine Regional Office):  207-941-4570; 888-769-1137
  • Portland (Southern Maine Regional Office):  207-822-6300; 888-769-1036
  • Presque Isle (Northern Maine Regional Office):  207-764-0477; 888-769-1053

Statutory sections

Maine Legislature, Maine Revised Statutes

Title 38, Chapter 3, §§ 481-490


Department of the Secretary of State

  • 342. Significant Groundwater Wells
  • 371. Definitions
  • 372. Policies and Procedures under the Site Location Law
  • 373. Financial Capacity Standard of Site Location Law
  • 375. No Adverse Environmental Effect Standard of Site Location Law
  • 376. Soil Types Standard of the Site Location Law
  • 377. Review of Roads under Site Location of Development Law
  • 380. Long-term Construction Projects under the Site Location of Development Act
  • 500 Stormwater Management
  • 502 Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from Development


Municipal information

Supplemental information