Stream Crossing Upgrade Grant Program

Maine voters approved multiple bond packages that include $5 million dollars annually for municipal stream crossing upgrades. These monies fund a competitive grant program that matches local funding for the upgrade of municipal culverts at stream crossings to improve fish and wildlife habitats and increase community safety.

Contact John Maclaine, 207-615-3279 for more information.

2020 Stream Crossing Grant Applications

The 2020 Grant Proposal Period is now open! Submissions are due November 16, 2020 by 11:59 PM. The RFP, Application, Question & Answer Summary, and other information for this single 2020 round can be found at $5 Million in funding is available with a maximum project award amount of $125,000.

Proposed projects must be located on municipal roads and involve upgrades of stream crossings to improve public safety and minimize flooding, improve habitat for fish and wildlife, and represent a cost effective and efficient investment. Eligible project applicants include local governments, municipal conservation commissions, soil and water conservation districts, and private nonprofit organizations.

As an alternative to in-person workshops this summer, DEP (with assistance from Army Corps of Engineers Maine Project Office, Maine Audubon, and MaineDOT) created an online workshop to cover important topics related to obtaining a municipal stream crossing grant. We highly recommend this online workshop for anyone applying or thinking of applying for a grant.

Pre-recorded Online Workshop

2019 Stream Crossing Grant Applications - Round 2

The application period for 2019 Round 2 Stream Crossing Grants has closed.

Scoring for 2019 Round 2 Stream Crossing Grants has been completed. Additional information regarding awarded projects, scoring documents, and review notes can be found at: The Department received 49 applications from municipalities and other qualifying organizations statewide and is pleased to announce awards for the following projects:

Project Municipality Road Award Amount
Addison Cape Split Rd $56,500.00
Appleton West Appleton Rd $95,000.00
Bar Harbor Crooked Rd $95,000.00
Blanchard Township Mountain Rd $95,000.00
Bowdoinham Carding Machine Way (Cranberry) $95,000.00
Bowdoinham Carding Machine Way (Old Landfill) $95,000.00
Brooks Knowlton Rd $95,000.00
Bucksport Jacob Buck Pond Rd $95,000.00
Bucksport Bucks Mills Rd $95,000.00
Charleston Crooked Brook $95,000.00
Chesterville Sandy River Rd $95,000.00
Dixmont South Road $95,000.00
Gorham Plummer Rd $95,000.00
Gray Long Hill Rd $75,000.00
Hartland Beans Corner Rd $95,000.00
Jonesport Kelley Point Rd $66,000.00
Mars Hill East Ridge Rd $95,000.00
Naples Horace Files Rd $75,000.00
Naples Edes Falls Rd $95,000.00
Ogunquit Captain Thomas Rd $95,000.00
Pittston Smithtown Rd $95,000.00
Prospect Clark Rd $95,000.00
Standish Shaws Mill Rd $95,000.00
Union Clarry Hill Rd $95,000.00
Vassalboro Gray Rd $95,000.00
Vassalboro Cross Hill Rd $80,000.00
York Mill Lane #1 $95,000.00

Application materials for the highest scoring projects.

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