Modeling Regulations/Guidance:

USEPA, 40 CFR, Part 51, Appendix W

Chapters 115, 140, 100, 110, 114 and 116 of the Maine Air Regulations

SCRAM website

Screening Procedures for Estimating the Air Quality Impact of Stationary Sources

New Source Review workshop manual (1990)

GEP Stack Height Guidance:

Guideline for Determination of Good Engineering Practice Stack Height

Increment Modeling:

MEDEP-BAQ Air Quality Increment Guideline (DEP, 1992)

Populations information/estimates

Meteorological Data Collection/Processing:

Meteorological Monitoring Guidance for Regulatory Modeling Applications (EPA, 2000)

National Climatic Data Center

Background Data Collection/Processing:

Guideline Document For Background Air Quality Determinations (MEDEP-BAQ, 1993)

Class I Modeling:

Class I Area Permitting Information

FLAG Phase I Report (Revised - 2010)

Interagency Workgroup on Air Quality Modeling (IWAQM) Phase 2 Summary Report

Guidance For Estimating Natural Visibility Conditions Under the Regional Haze Rule (EPA-454/B-03-005)

CALPUFF Modeling System (TRC Website)

General Information on AQRVs

User's Manual for the Plume Visibility Model (PLUVUE II) (EPA, 1984a and EPA, 1984b)

A Screening Procedure for the Impacts of Air Pollution Sources on Plants, Soils and Animals (1980b)