Active Directory - ADFS/LDAP/Authentication Services

Forms to be filled out to request ADFS or LDAP services:

The differences between LDAP and ADFS

Rates charged for this service:

Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

To get help with Active Directory/LDAP/Authentication Services:

  • To learn more about this service:
    • Call Customer Support at 624-7700
    • Enter a FootPrints service request assigned to: Enterprise Directory Services
    • Request assistance at one of the regular scheduled meeting with Core Technology.
  • How to Escalate Service Issues:

Customers (users) responsibilities

  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the MaineIT team
  • Any issues or problems with this service are reported to the MaineIT team as promptly and with as complete information as is feasible.
  • Must submit template forms for requests for ADFS or LDAP services (forms are linked above). 
  • Disclosures of any/all security requirements
  • Billing for services will start as of the time the ticket is received for the request for any production service. If a test environment is requested, those services will be billed as well upon receiving the ticket for the request. A ticket needs to be received to remove the service in order for it not to be billed. No credits will be processed without a ticket.