Active Directory - ADFS/LDAP/Authentication Services

AD integration can be accomplished multiple ways please engage Computing Infrastructure & Services Active Directory Team.

The following options are currently being utilized:

Cloud based

Azure Enterprise Applications

Azure B2B (Business to Business)

Azure B2C (Business to Consumer)

Typical Usage Scenario

SSO integration to cloud-based applications

Sharing access to an application with another business

Sharing access to an application with anyone using email or social media


Active Directory

Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)

LDAP Middleware



On-prem applications that support AD integration

Cloud-based or on-prem applications

On-Prem applications that do not natively support AD

Application Proxy is a feature of Azure AD that enables users to access on-premises web applications from a remote client.


Forms to be filled out to request ADFS or LDAP services:

The differences between LDAP and ADFS

Rates charged for this service:

Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

To get help with Active Directory/LDAP/Authentication Services:

  • To learn more about this service:
    • Call Customer Support at 624-7700
    • Enter a FootPrints service request assigned to: Enterprise Directory Services
    • Request assistance at one of the regular scheduled meeting with Core Technology.
  • How to Escalate Service Issues:

Customers (users) responsibilities

  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the MaineIT team
  • Any issues or problems with this service are reported to the MaineIT team as promptly and with as complete information as is feasible.
  • Must submit template forms for requests for ADFS or LDAP services (forms are linked above). 
  • Disclosures of any/all security requirements
  • Billing for services will start as of the time the ticket is received for the request for any production service. If a test environment is requested, those services will be billed as well upon receiving the ticket for the request. A ticket needs to be received to remove the service in order for it not to be billed. No credits will be processed without a ticket.