MaineIT Service Management - Account Managers (AMs)

Derek Mullens | Director of Account Managers

Major job responsibilities of the AMs include: 

  • Function as Agency IT Account Representative
  • Know business/ Agency mission
  • Create business relationships with key business leaders within Agencies
  • Understand/monitor the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of all IT services provided in support of the agencies’ mission
  • Participate and consult in the preparation of Agencies’ IT budgets
  • Identify critical business applications along with agency service expectations of those applications (assist with Business Impact Analysis of agencies’ applications)
  • Work across MaineIT to ensure business needs are being met
  • Raise awareness of common IT business solutions
  • Work collaboratively with other MaineIT resources to identify common business solutions


MaineIT Account Managers

Primary Account Managers

Backup Account Managers

Cabinet Department

Other Agencies

Cassandra Perkins Amber McAllister DOE, DOL, PFR and affiliate boards Maine State Museum, Maine State Library, MHPC, PUC, WCB, CDS, MCCS, Public Advocate, Board of Education
John DeWitt Peter Rushton Corrections, DAFS (excluding MRS), DECD, DOT, Governor’s Office Audit, Board of Tax Appeals, Ethics Commission, Human Rights Commission, Indigent Legal Services, Maine Arts Commission and Treasury
Derek Mullens Cassandra Perkins ACF, DEP, DMR, IF&W, MRS OAG and Baxter State Park
Peter Rushton Derek Mullens DPS, DVEM, MEMA Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous and Tribal Populations
Amber McAllister John DeWitt DHHS Dirigo Health and MHDO